An exhibition at the chamber gallery in Lemvig on the sea by Eva Hermann and Hanne Arberg from 25 November to 22 December 2016.

Open Tuesday to Friday at 14-18, Saturdays at 10-13

The Fernization will be on November 25 at 16-18, where the author Dorte Nors comes and reads a little from his writings about the ocean. In addition, there will be coffee and cake for all the staff as well as a little music music.

Summer sea in watercolor –
aqua = watercolor colors
Hanne Arberg paints the big sea and with lots of water,
with its fine shades
translucent like the water of the sea
, the light shades of dry images are on the fine crisp dryness of the paper like the dryness of the sand and the wind.


The wind and the sea,
birdwatching speed in the wind,
marshmallows and helmets,
alive like the humankind of a big animal,
as it bounces fur on big animals the wind winds through the marshes and helmets in the cliff.
That’s what Eva Hermann tries to maintain in the ceramics.



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