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Akvareller/ Watercolors


Jeg elsker at sidde ved Vesterhavet og male akvereller.

Du er velkommen til at kontakte mig, hvis du gerne vil se dem i virkeligheden.

Fotosne yder ikke billederne retfærdighed.


I love to sit by the North Sea  painting watercolors.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to see them in reality,

The photography certainly does not give the images full justice.

Paintings are to be seen in reality!


Wild waves. 50×60 – Framed 70×90 – 3000


Bunkers by Foe. Paper 50×60. Framed 70×90 – 3000


Drowning gulls. 50×60 in frame 70 x90. 3000


Wild evening. 50×60. in frame 70×90. 3000


Transparency, 50×60 (paper) 70×90 (frame)


Stone on the beach 50×60 (paper), 70×90 (frame)

Havet er aldrig ens og alle havakvareller er forskellige.

I galleriet finder du akvareller i forskellige størrelser – både små og store.

Du er velkommen til at kontakte mig hvis du er interesseret i et billede


The ocean is never the same, so the pictures are also very different.

In my gallery I display watercolors in various sizes.

Please feel free to contact me if you´re interested in any painting.